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"I had the pleasure of working with Adriana several times. They were very accommodating, perceptive and energetic during the sessions. They do a fantastic job at helping the subject feel comfortable and natural so that they can capture the essence of who the subject is or wants to be perceived as, which comes off in their photographs. I would recommend any artist or anyone who is looking to get authentic, high-quality pictures at good rates. Much love for them and their art!" -Cole Roberts, Coy Pond

"Adriana is a PROFESSIONAL!! They know what they're doing and have the tools + expertise to make you look beautiful. They're also a cool person to be around in general. I’ve worked with them multiple times for different projects and they have become my go to photographer! Work with them and you won’t regret it."

-Jelani Taylor, client


"Adriana and I have worked together multiple times and each time I can instantly see their passion and drive for photography. They areable to capture one's emotion, sense of being, and overall message in their work. Throughout the years, they have progressed as an artist immensely and continues to prove that their efforts to learn more are present and always will be. Adriana has experience working with a variety of models and ensures that each model's unique personality and look is conveyed. Beyond their talents behind the camera, they are a genuine and very down-to-earth person. They do their best to get to know the person beforehand and is considerate when deciding how the shoot will play out. Adriana is easy to get along with, and an exceptional and versatile photographer to work with."

-Almira Zaky, client

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